What is Ripplear?

Open World Network

Ripple Effect

Ripplear is derived from two words 'Nuclear' 'Ripples', designed to ripple posts around the world causing a ripple effect, there are currently 6 types of posts, they are thoughts, statement, debate, poll, q&a, vote. There are others in development.

Open World Network

Ripplear is a global public forum which captures everything even simple things that happen in a town/city and make it visible to everyone.

Common Language

When a post spreads from country to another country they get translated to most commonly used language in the country it has spread, user comments in the post are common across all the countries causing greater interaction among users.

Collective conscious of the majority

Humans have evolved through thinking, communicating and working together and Ripplear enables us to understand the collective conscious of people through discussion, restrict and ripple options.


Our aim is to provide quality personal posts for community to read, vote and have their say. Good personal posts are more likely to get rippled and create a debate and subsequently rewards can be earned for ripples, restricts and comment this would help us understand one another better and make a difference in an interconnected and growing interdependent world.

Product Road Map

Ripplear product road map has other phases each governed by our unique patented algorithm, can be discussed in confidence.

Patent Pending

Ripplear is officially "patent pending" Provisional Patent Application Number 62/257,481.

Version: Ripplear 4.0