What is Ripplear?

Open World Network

Nuclear Ripples

Ripplear is derived from two words 'Nuclear' 'Ripples', it is designed to ripple posts around the world causing a ripple effect, there are currently 6 posts thought, statement, debate, poll, q&a and vote.

Captures everything

Ripplear causes even simple thoughts that could most likely be missed by major networks to be visible to the entire world.

Collective conscious of the majority

Humans have progressed because of their ability to think and Ripplear enables us to understand the collective conscious of most of us because of the restrict and ripple options associated with every post.

Greater Interaction

The idea of one language for all humans is achieved through Ripplear because posts are translated to most commonly used language in a country as they spread to a country and posts can also be translated to users choice of language if the user prefers a different language, translate tool translates any comment to a users language of preference.

Ripplear Product Details

Ripplear is officially "patent pending" with Provisional Patent Application Number 62/257,481.

Version: Ripplear 3.1.4